Hope Bond

"If you have any interest in singing or entertaining, I highly recommend joining the North Country Community Choir.  My Journey with the choir began in November of 2013 and in fact, did not start with myself joining the Choir.  It started with my children, who were ages 3 and 5 at the time, joining this group and taking part in their manger scene for the yearly Christmas Cantata.  The joy and happiness I got from that Christmas Cantata, brought me to join the Community Choir the following year.  Though I had not sung with a Chorus since I was in school, I found it very easy to pick the booklet up and learn to sing right along with everyone else.  Oh, and do you have children?  That's no problem at all!  I bring my kids to practice with me. They bring some toys and after they practice their songs with the Children's Choir,   If you have any interest at all in joining, please do join us because you have nothing to lose, but a heck of a lot to gain! The Cantata is a great way to spread your holiday spirit, and the Variety Show, well if you haven't seen a yearly Variety Show yet, you better mark your calendars now!"

Gary Crosbie

"As a member of the choir for several seasons now I can say the time spent at rehearsals and performances with this group of folks has been a wonderfully enriching experience. An eclectic group of people from varied backgrounds and ages. The group is comprised of people with varying degrees of musical backgrounds. As a person with very little experience with choral music or reading music I was reluctant to join the group initially but our director and members put me at ease immediately with there encouragement and willingness to share their knowledge.  I would encourage anyone who likes to sing, be it in the car, in the shower around a campfire or whatever, regardless of musical experience to come and enjoy spending some time with this wonderful group of people from your own community. Rehearsals are very informal and always lots of fun."

Thomas C. Baker

"To the Community, Why Join a Community Choir you might ask? Well, I did with my wife Kathleen M Hammill Baker last Fall 2017. It was one of the greatest joys in my life being retired now from the NYPA. Also, Singing in a choir gives you benefits - both physical and emotional -that singing alone can't. Personally, I notice that singers breathe remarkably slower than the non-singers. It has been beneficial for me physically to exercise my breathing. We get in better shape for our posture and we elevate our singing prowess. But most of all it is a de-stressor for me a sort of relief to go to music practice and sing with other people. The Climax is bringing all the Music together under our Choir Director and giving back to the community our hard work. I encourage you to consider joining our group of singers and have an enjoyable experience as I have. hope to see you in Fall 2018 at our Community Choir."

Pat Matthews

"I have been a member of the North Country Community Chorus since its inception as a vision of retired music teacher Chris Paige.  Our group is ecumenical, with members ranging in age from age 10 to 80’s.  Our new Children’s Choir includes children beginning at age 5 through high school.  Each year our main production is a Christmas Cantata.  Practices take place beginning in the Fall, usually on Sunday evenings in Norwood, with two performances (they have been in Norwood, Norfolk, and Massena).  The Children’s Choir lends the faces and voices of innocence to our group, with a few independent numbers, as well with usually joining the adult performance at some point in the evening.  For me, the Cantata practices and performances are my absolute favorite parts of this group—Chris takes a group of inexperienced voices and musicians of differing abilities and talents, and pulls together a performance that makes us sound like a professional concert choir. Our weekend performances close to Christmas in area churches help each of us to truly focus on the reason for Christmas. What makes this organization fun and manageable in our busy lives is that the group is not meeting every week all year long—it is really only late September to mid-December, and then about a month in the Spring.  Come to give us a try—we are a fun group!"

Madison Hayes (17 years old)

"As a high school member of the North Country Community Chorus, I joined when it first started at the encouragement of my godmother.  I enjoy helping Chris with the Children’s Choir, and we have fun and get to goof off a bit.  I also like the performance nights when all the hard work comes together, and we get to dress up and share with the community of family and friends what we have worked so hard on."

Kendra Bond (8 years old)

"Hi, my name is Kendra Bond and I am 8 years old.   I am in the chorus with my brother Codey.  He is 10 years old.   I like being in the chorus because it makes me happy.  I have fun with the kids. I love to sing and dance and that's what we do. Please join us, it will make you happy too! "

Kaleb Fregoe (9 years old)

"I like Singing because it is very Fun... I like Getting together because everyone there is Nice and kind...I like To Do the Shows because We dress up and do Fun things! I love all the stuff we do because It’s all exciting and Fun!"